About Brandstand Products



Kristin Kritz is Chief Business Development Officer at Brandstand Products. Kristin graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing. With over 30 years of experience in sales, Kristin has brought her expertise in the development and establishment of Brandstand Products as a provider of innovative technology products to the hospitality industry.

Passionate about photography, Kristin’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries and her commercial work has appeared in numerous publications. Kristin is a food enthusiast and enjoys traveling with her husband, Tim and daughter, Halley. Kristin may be reached at kkritz@brandstand.com

  Meridith Martin is the Chief Business and Finance Officer at Brandstand Products. Since 2005, Meridith has helped establish and build Brandstand Products into a recognized company in the hospitality industry. She earned a Master of Business Administration, specializing in Marketing, from the University of North Texas. With a background in Accounting and Management, Meridith brings an integrated business approach and enthusiastic attitude to the Brandstand Products sales team.

While not at work, Meridith enjoys spending time with her family, playing volleyball and interior design. Meridith may be reached at mmartin@brandstand.com